clay shooting

An Olympic Sport since 1900, clay shooting is one of the oldest and most long-lasting discipline in the history of the Games, a sport in which Fiocchi Munizioni invested since its earliest years.

The company, indeed, has always stood alongside the most promising and talented athletes of the Italian and international scene, both as a sponsor and as an ammunition supplier.

In these days I met many girld and it's grat to see that Shooting sport is popular among the young women. Something's changing and I'm very proud to be an ambassador of these process alongside Fiocchi.

The international victories, that enriches Fiocchi Munizioni's showcase on a regular basis, are often the premise for the fulfilment of every athlete's dream: the Olympic podium.
After climbing twice on the podium at London 2012, with Italy's Jessica Rossi and Denmark's Anders Golding, who respectively won Gold and Silver, at Rio 2016 the shooters of Fiocchi Team went way beyond any idealistic outlook, doubling the tally they secured four years before and claiming a Gold medal with Italy's Gabriele Rossetti, two Silvers with his teammates Marco Innocenti and Giovanni Pellielo, and a Bronze with Great Britain's Steven Scott.

A particular and dedicated care, then, is always reserved to the competitions that take places inside the national borders, where Fiocchi Munizioni organizes and supports some of the most prestigious events: among many, the Fiocchi Day circuit and the Fiocchi Master.