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The partnership between Fiocchi Munizioni and biathlon, an Olympic Winter Sport since 1960, is a bond that goes beyond the common definition of sponsorship.

The commitment of the company in Italian biathlon, indeed, calls for the ammunition supply to all the national teams, youths included. An investment, plain and simple, that Fiocchi decided to undertake as a support to a fascinating and unique discipline, that during the years brought four Olympic medals to the Italian National Team. The latest of those medals, signed by the mixed relay at Sochi 2014, sixteen years after the previous Olympic podium, undoubtedly represented the successful completion of a slow, but constant growth, that always saw Fiocchi apply in first line.

Fiocchi Munizioni for years technical sponsor of the Italian National Team of Biathlon hosted athletes at their own factory. Accompanied by the Team Technical Manager, they visited all departments.

As a certification of Fiocchi's dedication on Italian biathlon, the naming of the national competition that in the 2016/2017 season saw the participation of more than 200 young athletes, who represented 38 clubs and 4 sports groups, stopping in 14 different location: The Fiocchi Italian Cup.

On the individual level, after successfully betting on the talent of Dorothea Wierer, Fiocchi Munizioni strongly relied on another rising star of Italian biathlon: Lisa Vittozzi. A member of the national A Squad since 2014, during the course of the 2016/2017 season Lisa Vittozzi pocketed the first IBU World Cup medal of her young career.

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Here's a great interview with our Lisa Vittozzi, produced by FISI - the Italian Winter Sports Federation.

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