05 Aug 2019 - Sport News

Master Fiocchi 2019: the title will be at stake on August 24th and 25th

Master Fiocchi 2019_teaser

On August, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th, the Umbriaverde Shooting Range in Todi (ITA) will host the 2019 edition of Master Fiocchi.

After more than 4166 shooters participated in the qualification and 940 at the final phases last June, there will be 34 of them competing for one of the most yearned competitions of the season: the winners of the Fiocchi Day tournaments held in Lonato (ITA), Todi and Gioia del Colle (BA) will be joined by the shooters who qualified through the Pino Fiocchi Trophy, and by the Top Ten Fiocchi 2019.

The stake will be astonishing: the top-3 of each category and the winner of the Master will receive a yearly supply of Fiocchi cartridge, along with a well-endowed shooting wardrobe, becoming part of the Fiocchi Team to all intents and purposes. Also, the shooters will compete for free in the Memorial Nando Rossi 2019, held in Umbriaverde also on August 24th and 25th.

However, the shooting competition won’t be the only remarkable event: the athletes, indeed, will spend their night at Relais Laurenti in Marcellano (ITA), where they will also take part in a gala dinner with many representatives of the company.