26 Apr 2016 - Sport News

Fiocchi Munizioni and Sabatti armi trophy 2016: 22nd may 2016

On Sunday 22nd May, in Parrata in Cereto Sannita (Benevento, Italy), the SABATTI ARMI AND FIOCCHI MUNIZIONI TROPHY 2016will take place: a long-distance shooting competition sponsored by Fiocchi Munizioni and Sabatti Armi.

All the shooters in the race will use SABATTI weapons win 308 caliber and FIOCCHI ammunitions; a special line will be given to the athletes that haven’t got a Sabatti weapon, so that they can use the Sabatti rifle and the FIOCCHI ammunitions.

PRIZE TO BE WON: one SABATTI carbine and 400 FIOCCHI ammunitions, PERFECTA line, caliber win 308.

All participants can benefit of a special agreement with hotels and restaurants of the area and a free ticket to the Historical Museum of Cerrata Sannita.

For more information and reservations, please call +0039 328 26 19 832 (Mr. Ugo).