02 Oct 2018 - News & Events - Event

Shotgun and charity with Fiocchi, Lions and Marco Innocenti.

Marco Innocenti - Fiocchi

Shotgun and solidarity: this is the theme of the charity event organized by Lions Club Montemurlo and supported by Fiocchi Munizioni, taking place at Montecatini Terme Shooting range on Saturday 6 October.

Participants will be able to shoot together with some italian trainers and Marco Innocenti: Double Trap silver medalist at the last Olympic Games and member of Fiocchi Team.

The purpose is noble: all the proceeds will go to Campo Toscana Disabili and Campo Solidarietà “G.Poggi” to help some paralympic athletes.

“We wanted to organize this event to give our support to shooters with disabilities - Marco Innocenti said - it’s going to be a funny day of sport and charity: Fiocchi Munizioni accepted our invitation and we’d like to thank them”.

“We are proud of being sponsor of this wonderful event - Fiocchi’s commercial director Marzio Maccacaro told us - because it allows our sport to be known and of course it will help people less fortunate than us. Thanks to Marco and Armeria Innocenti for organising this event in which Fiocchi will be right behind it”.