07 May 2020 - News & Events - News

Pools, quiz, interviews: keep interacting with Fiocchi!


Fiocchi doesn’t stop and keep interacting with its customers. After the great success achieved by the initiative “Ask Fiocchi”, the company based in Lecco has been carrying on a series of initiatives on its official social channels, in order to keep the dialogue with supporters alive.

On the Facebook page you can find weekly pools to express your preferences about Fiocchi’s ammunitions; on the Instagram profile there are weekly quiz conceived to broaden your knowledge on product categories and on the athletes of the Fiocchi Team. Moreover, in the next weeks some funny “double interviews” will be broadcasted, starring shotgun and biathlon Italian and international champions.

“For us it is extremely important to keep the dialogue with our clients and supporters alive - claims President Stefano Fiocchi - After putting our experts at their disposal, now we’re interacting with them through our social channels. Results are amazing and are an incentive for us to continue to improve”.