13 Jul 2018 - News & Events - News

Flavio Roda, President of FISI, visits the headquarters of Fiocchi Munizioni


On Wednesday, July 11th, Flavio Roda, the President of FISI —the Italian Winter Sports Federation — visited the headquarters of Fiocchi Munizioni in Lecco, where he met Mr. Marzio Maccacaro, Commercial Director of the company, praising Fiocchi’s support for the Italian biathlon National Team.


“Our deal with Fiocchi is important, and it brought many important results,” said Mr. Roda. “We’re talking about a top-level brand, a company that collaborate with us excellently, satisfying all the different needs of our athletes.”


“It’s a very particular duty for the company, because the ammunitions have to be the most effective and precise ever,” added the President of FISI. “Biathlon is a discipline where the shooting part has become more and more important. Nowadays, all the athletes are good skiers, and the real difference is made at the range.”


The visit happened a few months after the conclusion of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games, where the Italian biathlon team collected two bronze medals, an individual one and a team one. Two podiums that confirm, once again, the great moment that the sport is going through in Italy: “The whole biathlon movement is growing. It’s a fascinating discipline, that drives the interest of many young athletes, even more than nordic skiing. The union of skiing and shooting creates passion,” added Mr. Roda.


As the 2018/2019 season approaches, Fiocchi Munizioni is once again alongside the Azzurri, reinforcing a partnership that in many years gave some high quality ammunition to the Italian team, and a prestigious and international showcase to the company based in Lecco.