29 Jun 2017 - News & Events - News

Fiocchi launches the new Cal. 28 Magnum


It’s called Cal. 28 Magnum, and it’s the new cartridge launched by Fiocchi Munizioni, the global leader company in small caliber ammunitions.


Produced in collaboration with Benelli, the new cartridge will be part of the Performance line, and it will perfectly match with the recently launched semi-automatic Benelli Ethos.


The Cal. 28 Magnum has a red case 28/76/16 with a Fiocchi 616 trigger and a 3-16mm back. Loaded with 33 grams of lead and antimony at 2% — 363 pellets, number 7 — it can reach a speed of 400 meters per second with a pressure of 900 bars.


“We’re very satisfied of our collaboration with Benelli — said Marzio Maccacaro, Commercial Director of Fiocchi Munizioni — This new Cal. 28 Magnum sets a new standard among the smoothbore ammunitions, and we’re pretty sure that all the hunters will be enthusiastic about it. We’re already sending supplies to all the Italian armories, and our sales representatives is working to satisfy all the requests that we’re receiving.” 


The new product will be for sale in 25-pieces packages.