09 Nov 2017 - News & Events - Event

Fiocchi introduces more than 60 students of the University of Bologna to clay shooting


Another great day signed by Fiocchi Foundation: after Urbino, Milano and Vercelli, more than 60 students of the University of Bologna were introduced to guns and clays at the Bologna Shooting Range in Casalecchio di Reno (ITA).


During the day, the students had the chance to train with Italian multi-decorated shooters like Mauro De Filippis, Marco Innocenti, Giovanni Pellielo and Jessica Rossi, and under the guidance of Mirco Cenci, coach of the Italian National Team, and Valerio Staffelli, tv presenter, great fan of clay shooting and ambassador of the Fiocchi brand.


After a theoretic introduction, where they deepened technical aspects and safety rules of the discipline, the students were divided in three groups, shooting alternatively under the counselling of their exceptional instructors.


Despite shooting for the first time in their life, some of the students performed greatly, crushing all of their targets with ease. Remarkable, as usual, the participation of the girls, who shot with self-confidence and determination.


At the end of the day, all the participants had lunch together with the shooters, asking them stories and curiosities about their career.


“We’re extremely proud of this initiative, it proves once again that there’s a growing interest around this wonderful sport,” said Marzio Maccacaro, Commercial Director of Fiocchi Munizioni. “These boys and these girls, their enthusiasm is contagious and it gives us the strength to keep doing what we are doing.”


The event was realized with the collaboration of FITAV, the Italian clay shooting federation, the University and Municipality of Bologna, CUS Bologna, Regione Emilia Romagna and Festa Internazionale della Storia, as well as the patronage of MIUR.