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Competition Team Sporting

Golden and Official are the cartridges chosen by champion shooters at international level because they combine both smooth recoil and high performance: ideal for long lasting competitions. The Golden range is loaded with the very best components (616 gold primer, 5% antimony selected lead shot, that’s treated with a golden anti friction coating) and it is characterized by an incredible barrel time - the interval of time between the percussion of the capsule and the exit of lead shot from the barrel - which is one of the shortest on the market. The Official range is characterized by not only the consistency of performance; using type 4 shotshell, Finnish Kemira smokeless powder harmonized with 616 Silver primer, special wad and 5% antimony selected lead shots, but also the incredible energy retained at distance. Each cartridge of Fiocchi Team range is also enriched by the Light version optimized for summer climatic conditions with a load ideal to be used at temperatures above 25° C. In helices shooting, the winning factors of OFFICIAL ELECTROCIBLES new cartridges are the components: type 4 shotshell and soft lead with 2% of antimony that transfers the impact energy to the unique targets, it also guarantees a velocity of more than 400 m/s: 28g and 32g in lead shots, 7,5 and 8 size.


Velocity taken at barrel mouth with 700 mm lenght, full choke barrel

** Velocity and Pressure at 25°C

Use of products

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Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A. indicates that the suggestions for the use of their products are purely indicative and refer to laboratory tests conducted and confirmed by the experience gained by its technicians and employees in the field. Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A does not rule out that special hunting situations could lead to specific assessments that may differ from what is suggested.