Metal box: M2A1 of 100 rds.


Suitable for all semiautomatic and bolt action weapon chambered for this calibre

Tecnical Data
Calibre 50 Browning
Bullet Type Solid moly coated - Match grade accuracy
Bullet Mass 51.8 g
Bullet Mass 800 gr
Primers Boxer
Accuracy <0.85 MOA at 100m
Rifling Twist 1/16,5" or faster 1 turn/inch
Performance - Ballistic coefficient BCG7 0.520 lb/in2
Performance - Ballistic coefficient BCG1 1.040 lb/in2
Performance - Velocity V2,5 825 m/s
Performance - Energy E2,5 17642 joule
Recommended Use Extreme distance shooting; high penetration capability