.308 WIN. SOLID 170

.308 WIN. SOLID 170


Sealed and customizable boxes, 20 rds. plastic tray, 400 rds. carton box


Suitable for all automatic, semiautomatic and bolt action weapon chambered for this calibre

Tecnical Data
Calibre 308 Win.
Bullet Type Solid boat tail (SBT) - N.B. Completely lead free bullet
Bullet Mass 170 gr
Bullet Mass 11 g
Primers Boxer large rifle
Accuracy <1 MOA at 550m
Rifling Twist 1/13" or faster 1 turn/inch
Performance - Ballistic coefficient BCG7 0.220 lb/in2
Performance - Ballistic coefficient BCG1 / lb/in2
Performance - Velocity V2,5 810 m/s
Performance - Energy E2,5 3609 joule
Recommended Use Multitasking tactical shooting