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.22 L.R.

.22 Recreational

This range of ammunition is perfect for less formal shooting disciplines and, in countries where permitted, also great for hunting small and medium sized vermin. The hard hitting ULTRASONIC boasts a copper jacketed bullet for optimal results with a supersonic speed of 380 m/s, whereas Long Z is specifically designed with a subsonic velocity for use at short range. SEMI AUTO is specifically designed for use in semi-automatic weapons, both rifles and handguns; the high initial speed, combined with a projectile with a specific design, makes it reliable even with the types of weapons that require strong cartridges for correct functioning.

Use of products

Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A. reminds you that the use of their products is regulated by specific laws that may vary from country to country. It is the responsibility of the individual user to find out which rules are in force in the country in which they make use of the products.
Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A. indicates that the suggestions for the use of their products are purely indicative and refer to laboratory tests conducted and confirmed by the experience gained by its technicians and employees in the field. Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A does not rule out that special hunting situations could lead to specific assessments that may differ from what is suggested.